Welcome to Our New Blog.

Here, we will enlighten you in everything from what's hot on the Bridal scene, to what's happening and new to us in-store, while at the same time letting you in on a few golden tips, all helping you achieve perfection on what is, one of the most special days of your lives.

So with the new year well and truly in swing, we thought this month's focus would be Bridal Trends of 2016. This year there are an abundance of styles and designs to look at, which can be rather overwhelming. Here we have hand picked 4 of our favourite trends of the Bridal world.

♡ Belle of the Ball! The fairytale gown is back, and it's all about the volume. However it's princess with a twist. Gone are the heavier fabrics such as satin and taffeta, and in is the idea of creating the same volume using a tulle and/or lace. This is creating a softer more magical skirt, making every bride feel as if she's walking on cloud nine.

♡ It's all about the pop! Three-dimensional detailing has popped back onto the bridal scene with a passion. This is all about creating a depth to your gown. Whether using 3D appliqué on the gown, a large accessory on a belt, to a flamenco style skirt, anything goes! Anything from flowers, leaves or even feathers, as long as it pops, it's a sure way to stand out from the usual bridal crowd.

♡ Eau Naturelle! With Ivory being the predominant choice of colour over the years, it appear's that a natural hue is more favourable this season. Nudes, creams, soft pinks and champagnes are all colours that our designers are creating masterpieces in. Even if your first choice of colour is Ivory, keep an open mind when trying dresses on as you may be surprised what you like.

♡ Short & Sassy! Who ordered the bouncy castle? The bride..! It seems the modern bride is more favourable to the relaxed and vintage themes for their day, and a lot are wanting to have just as much fun as their guests. Whether it Tea-length, above the knee, or like the Dior advert a asymmetric dress, all are becoming popular. These are a great choice for the fun, outgoing & energetic brides. The plus side to these gowns ladies is you can rock a fantastic pair of designer heals, and/or relax in a pair of comfy flats, either way you don't have to worry about ruining the hem of your gown.

Finding the right style for you, is essential so whichever style you ladies are dreaming of, keep an open mind! While trying on gowns, you may find a different style suits you better than what you originally thought. What ever style you do decide to go for, you do have to consider four vital points when shopping for your wedding gown;

¤ Practicality - is it practical for your venue and activities?

¤ Comfortability - will you feel comfortable in the gown all day?

¤ Duration - are you going to be able to last 10+ hours in the gown?

¤ Location - is the dress going to travel well or fit in with your location choice?

Next time, we will be focusing on what 2016 has instore for the dapper gentlemen, and looking at the different suit trends.

Bridal bye for now.