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Adrienne and Andy Littlewood          Adrienne and Andy Littlewood          Adrienne and Andy Littlewood

  • When was the Wedding?

Sunday 7th June 2015. It was meant to be June 2016 but due to certain circumstances we had to bring it forward by a year, which left us 6 months to plan the whole day.

  •  Where was the Wedding/Reception?

The Pavilion at The Kings Hotel Christchurch. We decided on a quaint low-key day, I had dreams of fairy lights in trees and a very rustic setting. We had our ceremony in the Bowling Green Pavilion overlooking the Christchurch ruins, which was picture perfect. Later for the ceremony we had the function room in The Kings Hotel, just across the road from the Pavilion. The food was delicious, and there were 35 happily fed guests.

  •  How did you meet, and how was the Proposal?

I was a sports therapist and Andy came to me for a sports massage. The proposal was a mutual decision to get married, however when the rings arrived Andy got our 4 year old daughter to ask me properly.

  •  What was your most exciting moment?

Waking up in the morning with my best friend, and getting ready for one of the most special days of my life.

  • Where did you Honeymoon?

We haven't had our honeymoon as of yet, we decided to buy a house instead. But we are looking at going to Disneyland very soon.

  • What gown did you wear? Which accessories did you have? and What Suits did the groom wear?

I wore a beautiful Ivory chiffon wedding dress by Destiny, which came from Isobel's Bridal Outlet. I chose a beautiful Ivory Cathedral length, plain edged veil by Halo & Co.  Andy wore the Hinstock suit, which was a light grey Mohair Tails suit. We chose to have Dusky Pink and Silver cravats, partnered with the Beau Monde Aero waistcoat in silver.

  • Did you have a theme/colour scheme?

We went for a magical outdoorsy theme using whites and soft shades of pink.

  • What was the size of your bridal party and what did they wear? 

I had 5 bridesmaids including the Maid of Honour and 2 flower girls. Maid of Honour had a long silver gown, and the 4 other bridesmaids were in pastel pink short gowns.

  •  For all the other couples tying the knot, do you have any advice?

Enjoy your day and do what makes you happy. Also trust in those around you, it may seem overwhelming what they have to offer but they may actually surprise you and come up with something that works better for you.

  •  Tell us about your experience at Isobel's Bridal & Groom!

I visited Isobel's Bridal & Groom on 12th January 2015.

I dealt with Linette when I first came into store to try wedding gowns. Pintrest was my go to, to find a dress that I liked however I was a little disheartened as most of the models are super thin and airbrushed, and I soon found myself becoming flustered and upset when I was trying the dresses on, having those images in my mind. However both Amy and Linette told me to breath and take a moment to relax, which I did and after a discussion about what I was liking and disliking from the gowns I had tried, the most beautiful gown was pulled out for me to try on, which was everything I was looking for, my only issue was that it was strapless, but before I could even begin to panic Amy showed me straps can be added and that was it, I had found my gown. Being the first store I had visited I was so impressed with the customer service and felt no need to go anywhere else, I said 'Yes to the dress' at Isobel's on my first day out. The same day as purchasing my dream dress, I booked my soon to be husband in for suits as well, thinking that everyone I had met were all so helpful and knowledgeable that I would be silly not to do everything under one roof, I was so right. Later down the line Amy welcomed me back for my fittings to make sure my 'yes dress' fit perfectly for the big day. Something I really loved was that every time I visited Isobel's, they always remembered me, such a small thing but it really counts. Then Andy came in to meet Aron for the suits. Aron was so helpful and understood what Andy wanted to the last detail.

Everyone was so knowledgeable and constantly gave me ideas as to what would make myself and Andy feel amazing on our special day. I was really embarrassed and self conscious when I first came in and I was made to feel so amazing and comfortable, putting all concerns to rest.

  •  Suppliers

*Smooch Rings - Rings

*The Kings Hotel Christchurch - venue

*Dress Fashion - Bridesmaids

*Divine Captures Photography

*Signature Flowers

*Carly Smith - cake

*Facebook Jo's homemade stationary -invited

*Facebook Fosstalgiacars- transport

*Carly Palermo - Hair and make up

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