Februarys Blog - All About The Men

veniceWelcome to this month's blog. As promised this months focus is the trends storming the Menswear scene this year.

It seems accustomed that the Groom pick the colour of the suit and the Bride fill in the rest, however this seems to be changing rapidly. Most of our men are now coming in to us with their own creative and fashionable ideas, and rest assured ladies they are all great ideas and we are on hand to guide them to fashion genius.

As you may have seen on our Facebook page, we have some really dapper new suits and waistcoats in store. All of our suits work really well with varying colour schemes, which can be complimented with a variety of waistcoat designs and colours.

The traditional morning suits are still the reigning champion of wedding attire, however the lighter weight and more comfortable lounge suits are becoming a great contender. This may be due to grooms becoming just as fashion conscious as our brides and wanting to look just as good. This is not to say that the morning suit is going anywhere, after all it is the staple suit of suits, but I think we may see the formal wear evolve from its understated form in times to come.

Moving on to the year ahead , and the massive trends forthcoming.

¤ Here with a Bang

PP Tweed

Quite simply Tweed has exploded onto the Menswear scene, and it seems that Grooms interest in this trend is rapidly increasing. Whether the Tweed be incorporated via a bow tie, waistcoat, or for the more daring a full suit, Tweed is a definite must have for Grooms of 2016. We have recently taken on a few new suppliers, ensuring that all of you interested have a bounty of choice at a great price. One great point is that we can actually supply a variety of Tweed for children and teens as well.

¤ Relax and get Married

This is a great trend for all of you Grooms that just do not feel comfortable with the idea of a full suit. Trousers, waistcoat and a shirt, is a great look for the relaxed garden and hot beach weddings. This also works really well with all variations of neckwear (bow tie, ruche, cravat, tie etc.) if you do want to accessorise the look slightly. Also you could really dress down the look with rolled up sleeves, some dapper brogues and a pocket watch. This is just a great look for the really relaxed weddings, and ladies a comfortable man is a happy man.

¤ Red carpet influence

With male fashion being widely influenced by celebrity styles and brands, the tailored suit is bang on trend. However this look isn't all about a sharply cut suit and spotless black tie attire. It's about creating a textured look to the suit. Nowadays there are so many fabric choices; tweed, mohair, and metallic fabrics. This trend is all about creating that individual look for the Groom and his Groomsmen. Another thing to keep an open mind about is the coloured suits, they are always worth a try. A great example of this look is Ant & Dec, always dressed to perfection in well tailored suits, that have texture and character to suit each of them.

¤ Attention to detail

No matter the cut, style or fabric of the suit, a fact to remember is everyman looks good in a suit, but it's the little accessories that give the suit personality. Anything like braces, tie pins, shoes, pocket chains/watches, and even underwear; these are all accessories that can make the Groom and Groomsmen wear their suits with a sense of confidence and be able to express their individual styles, without ruining your wedding pictures with mismatched suits and colours. Using accessories are also a great way to bring fun to the day to, whether fun Groomsmen pictures all jumping to show off their superhero socks, or all stood around their pocket watches awaiting the bride. The possibilities are endless for fun photo ops.

¤ Three is not a crowd

PP 3 piece Westbury & Milford

The three piece has been knocked for being business like or stiff, so many times. However this just isn't the case anymore. The three piece has evolved from the boxy and rigid suit that was. Nowadays there is such a variety of colour, fabrics, cuts & fits available that there is a slim chance that any one of your guests would be able to buy such a suit straight off the peg. This is such a great option for a modern and sharp look, yet has a timeless sophistication about it. You can also play with suit combinations to highlight Bridal party importance, for example the Groom and Groomsmen could have a Grey 3 piece tails suit and both fathers could wear a 3 piece lounge suit, the variations all harmonise beautifully with the 3 piece suit.

So once again my lovelies, thank you so much for reading this month's instalment. I hope that this blog is helpful to all you dapper gents getting married in 2016.

Next week's blog will be about what is happening in store at Isobel's over March.

Any questions or concerns that you may have please do not hesitate to contact us. Also check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for lots of wedding inspiration and ideas.

Thank you again.

Bridal Bye for now xox